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Edge Computing: MARA’s Two-Phase Immersion Tech for AI and Beyond

May 31, 2024

From securing the digital frontier of #Bitcoin to optimizing AI edge computing and beyond, our two-phase immersion cooling technology is the bridge to efficient and powerful solutions. Marathon CEO Fred Thiel shares the potential of 2PIC by MARA.

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two-phase immersion is essentially moving to the next step in the iteration of cooling Technologies so if we think about this ability to scale mining solutions from Big utility scale all the way down to small scale what does that do it opens up the long tail for Bitcoin mining what the longtail means in Bitcoin mining is it means it's not just the big large scale miners who can be successful but we can now deploy mining in all sorts of small places where it otherwise wouldn't be V iable the advantage two-phase really brings though


is the ability to put super high power density and compute power density in very small packages which is really important for data centers of the future it's important for AI high performance Computing it's really important for being able to do AI processing at the edge why would you want to process AI data at the edge the Big Challenge to AI is how do you get the data to the model and then have the model process it so it can answer questions so imagine a world where in the oil industry executives are out in the field they're


doing seismological studies they're collecting all this data and now they have to upload it to the cloud well guess what the internet connection is not going to be very fast from the field but if they had the ability to process this in a data center at the edge which was hyperdense like what we can do with our two-phase immersion cooling then they could process all that data at the edge get answers right away and then just put the answers up into the cloud and we believe that the future of AI and the future of inference is all about


data processing at the end Edge and putting these highdensity data centers in very small packages out in the field where they can be used by people so our technology is not only useful in Bitcoin mining it's useful for AI it's useful for HPC it's useful for Telecom Industries any industry where you have a dense amount of electronics that needs to be cooled at any form factor while Marathon developed this technology originally for her own use our technology division will be selling this not just in the Bitcoin mining industry


but across any data center application as well as telecoms and other Industries so please feel free to talk to one of our Representatives if you're interested in learning more