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We work alongside companies, municipalities, and institutions that have stranded power, expertise in energy and microgrids, cutting edge Bitcoin mining technologies, and a keen interest in researching or supporting Bitcoin. We offer our partners access to our unique expertise in building and scaling Bitcoin mining operations as well as the opportunity to help support the Bitcoin network.

Depending on your needs, here is some of what we offer:

Monetizing Stranded Energy

We are experts in converting energy into economic value. As one of the largest and most agile Bitcoin miners, we can come to you. We can help you monetize energy that is currently stranded or being under-utilized or serve as the initial customer for your new energy project.

Reducing Emissions

Whether you are an oil producer that is flaring or a landfill operator that is emitting methane, we can help you improve your productivity while simultaneously reducing your emissions to achieve your sustainability goals.

Educational Research

Marathon is one of the largest Bitcoin miners in North America, and the only enterprise-scale miner that operates its own mining pool. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to help researchers interested in Bitcoin mining or power markets, as well as inventors, who are interested in testing their latest creations.

Funding & Mentorship

We support builders. We invest in smart people, who are passionate about leveraging technology to solve Bitcoin's and the Bitcoin mining industry's largest problem.

Power Demand Response

Our operations can be powered on or off in a matter of minutes, allowing us to function as a flexible, base-load customer for power facilities and grid operators.

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