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Enhancing Kenya's Energy Sector | Marathon Digital Holdings

May 24, 2024

During President William Ruto's State Visit to the US, we entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum of Kenya to invest over $80 million in establishing green data centers to boost renewable energy utilization and optimization in the Republic of Kenya.

The agreement was signed at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce this morning by Chairman and CEO Fred Thiel and Republic of Kenya Prime Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Musalia Mudavadi, E.G.H. Read the full press release: https://ir.mara.com/news-events/press...

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Marathon digital Holdings enters into agreement with the ministry of energy and petroleum of the Republic of Kenya to enhance Kenya's energy sector Marathon entered into the agreement on Friday May 24th 2024 to support energy utilization and optimize renewable energy projects Across the Nation of Kenya the partnership is part of marathon's broader International strategy to be the premier partner of governments for energy optimization marathon is expected to invest at least $80 million in digital infrastructure


within Kenya which can benefit the Kenyan economy and the local energy sector ecosystem this agreement paves the way for the utilization of our green data centers to optimize renewable energy projects Advance technological infrastructure and drive Economic Development Across the Republic of Kenya a joint steering committee will be established staffed by both Ministry of energy and petroleum and Marathon senior officials to ensure the development and implementation of energy related projects across the country as well as


technology Investments to include immersion cooling technology for data centers the partnership underscores marathon's commitment to supporting the sustainable growth of the world's energy sector and is part of the company's broader strategy to diversify its operations globally to read the full press release visit mara.com